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Cancellation PolicySchool Cancellation/Delays Due To Emergency Conditions

The following television stations will broadcast/televise “no school/delay” announcements in the event that Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School has to be closed during the school year.


You will hear closings on the following:

WWLP-TV Springfield Channel 22

WGGB-TV Springfield Channel 40


Delaying school for two hours will be seriously considered on any day when the weather conditions are improving and with additional time it is felt the roads and walkways would be safe for the students. The decision to cancel or delay will be made by 6:00 a.m. On delay days, all schedules may be affected by two hours. This includes bus pick-up times and also the times when students should arrive at school. Dismissal time (on delay days) will be the normal time. The decision is made by the Superintendent of the Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School.


Once a decision is made to delay, hopefully there will be no change in the length of delay, and only in extreme cases will we cancel after a delay call has been made.


If buses are not running in the student's school district due to inclement weather there will not be a bus going to Smith School. Students driving cars to school are not required to attend if their school district is closed due to inclement weather. The students therefore, will be excused for the day (Emergency Cancellation) and will not lose credits for this absence. Students, however, will be responsible for any work missed.

Cancellation Policy

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