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Guidance, College and Career Counseling


Molly Alberti

9th Grade (last names A-K)

12th grade


Lauren Devine

11th Grade


Max Weider
9th Grade (last names L-Z)
10th Grade

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Max Weider, School Counselor

Molly Alberti, School Counselor

Lauren Devine, School Counselor


Guidance services are available to all students.  The focus of guidance is on career and college planning, in addition to helping students attain their personal, educational, and post-secondary goals. Each student who attends SVAHS will have a course and career/college plan on file with their guidance counselor and meets individually with their guidance counselors at least once per year to update their plan and discuss goals.  


In addition guidance plans multiple career/college activities throughout the year that are available to students such as college visits, college fair, Junior Mock Interview Day, college/career days, shop visits and industry-specific coaching, guest speakers, etc.  Guidance counselors monitor student progress, attendance, and discipline closely and facilitate interventions as needed.  Guidance counselors also provide information about financial aid and scholarships to students and parents, assist students with college applications, resume building and other college and career readiness skills.  Guidance counselors also coordinate college testing such as PSATs, SATs, and Accuplacer.


Guidance counselors are important players in the life of a student here at SVAHS as they can put together pieces of a student’s profile and work with students, teachers, parents, school adjustment counselors, administrators, outside agencies, etc. to ensure that students have what they need to reach their post-secondary goals.


If you have concerns specific to a class or questions regarding grades/assignments within a certain class, we encourage you to contact the teacher as an initial step.  If a pattern emerges or concerns are more across settings or if you have specific questions about schedules, course selection, college planning, financial aid, etc. please contact your child’s guidance counselor.


Stockbridge School of Agriculture at UMass Amherst grants 3 academic credits to graduates of the Smith Tech Horticulture/Forestry program who are accepted to Stockbridge.


Rebecca Wanczyk, Director of Student Services (413)587-1414 ext. 3402

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