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High School Administration

Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School Values and Beliefs

As a school community we believe that we must:


  • foster an understanding of the value of education so that students become lifelong learners.


  • model an attitude of personal, professional, and institutional excellence


  • respect the diversity of our multi-cultural society by recognizing and

affirming the inherent worth and dignity of all people


  • encourage non-traditional career path choices by actively working to

eliminate racial, cultural, and gender biases


  • continually develop curricula that nurture students’ self-esteem and

inspire them to strive to reach their full potential


  • promote a positive, safe, structured, and challenging climate in which all

students can succeed

Principal - Joe Bianca 1-413-587-1414 x3403

Assistant Principal - Anthony Sabonis, Jr.

Grades 10th & 12th 1-413-587-1414 x3403

Assistant Principal - Joshua Clark

Grades 9th & 11th 1-413-587-1414 x3403

Director of CTE -  Melanie Chartier 1-413-587-1414 x3463


Director of Academics - Michael Parks 1-413-587-1414 x3478


Athletic Director - Jeff Lareau 1-413-587-1414 x3450


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