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Graphic Communications

Políticas escolares

Benjamin Matthews






The shop is designed so students may learn four areas of Graphic Communications.After being instructed on departmental safety both on equipment and personal safety students start off with the foundation of the trade, related course work. The first year is focused mainly an orientation to Graphic Communications.This is where the students learn the basics of the equipment, their proper usage and how their creativity will fit together. Students are given meaningful projects that will help them grow and reinforce items learned from project to project.


The four areas of instruction are:

Desktop Publishing and Design: Using 24inch iMacs and software specific for the trade, students will be exposed to the following programs (software) used mainly in our department. Cs5 which is composed of Photoshop (Image Editing), Illustrator (Drawing Program),InDesign (Design), Flash (Animation) Dreamweaver, and Flash (animations). The students also work with 4 different types of digital cameras, learning how to download pictures for future projects onto their own files and media as well as using our own green area to place pictures as different backgrounds. Pre-Flighting, Image Assembly, and CTP (computer to plate) processes are utilized the Xanté Platemaking System teaching students on up to date polyestor plate material.


Customer Service: Students are given the chance to work one on one with real life customers in real life situations. Students answer calls, field questions, price jobs, schedule jobs for their classmates, learn how to price a job and learn the costs associated with them as well as waste/spoilage costs. This area reinforces interpersonal skills, co-worker skills as well as problem solving and professionalism. Students are shown that they are the owners of this department and this instills a sense of pride and selfworth on its product.


Presswork Operations (2 manufacturers/3 models are utilized)Using the A.B. Dick Printing Presses students learn the basic operation to running the presses on their own. Running envelopes, one and two color letterheads as well as NCR forms, posters and newsletters.Students also get versed in running high speed black and white as well as color digital printers for Annual Report jobs, Course catologues and other walkin work requiring right away assistance.


Paper Handling and Bindery: In this area students see their product getting the finished touches from a complete binding area to finish work using table top and floor model folders. All machinery is production quality

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