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Homelessness/Foster Care

Students at SVAHS who are classified as homeless have many educational rights.  Under Mckinney-Vento Education Assistance Act of 2002, students classified as homeless include anyone who lacks fixed regular and adequate nighttime residence.  This includes living in shelters and motels, on the street, in cars, parks, etc., doubling up due to economic hardship, loss of housing or similar reason, unaccompanied youth, and awaiting foster care placement.


Students, who meet the definition of homelessness under the McKinney-Vento Act, are entitled to attend their school of origin (or last attended), immediate enrollment into a school system (regardless of documentation), transportation, and free and reduced lunch.  Homeless students have the right to equal access and comparable services such as support services, school courses, extra-curricular activities, vocational programs, etc.


Please contact SVAHS McKinney-Vento Liaison, Rebecca Wanczyk, at (413)587-1414 ext. 3402, if you or your 


child are homeless and/or you have questions regarding the rights of homeless students.



16 de mayo de 2023

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