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Phone Number (413)587-1414 ext. 3413

Dr. Jane Riley x3441

School Psychologist and 504 Coordinator


Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act is anti-discrimination legislation that mandates any public institution (schools included) to provide accommodations to eligible individuals with disabilities (who have a major life function significantly impacted) that allow the individual to access the general education program; this includes extra-curricular activities. School counselors are the 504 liaisons for their respective grade levels here at SVAHS.  


Upon referral for a 504 evaluation (with consent from the parent or legal guardian) a Team of individuals who knows the student convene to determine if the student is eligible under Section 504 and then decide if that student requires an accommodation plan to access the general program.  Once eligible the Team then develops a plan that outlines reasonable accommodations that will allow the student to access the general program.  Once consent is received by parents initially the plan is distributed to all teachers, coaches, etc. for implementation.  The plan is then reviewed annually and eligibility is reviewed tri-annually.  


If you have any questions regarding section 504 or would like to make a referral for a 504 evaluation, please contact your child’s school counselor or Student Services at (413)587-1414 ext. 3402.



Rebecca Wanczyk, Director of Student Services (413)587-1414 ext. 3402

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