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Cabinet Making
Scott Miller
Tom Sippel

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The Cabinetmaking Program offered here at Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School is designed to equip all students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in a variety of woodworking fields. This four year program gives comprehensive knowledge in the technical and industrial field of cabinetmaking and millwork, and takes the student from a basic understanding of wood properties and woodworking tools, to the design and fabrication of kitchen cabinets and furniture. Along the way students will be taught the fundamentals and basic principles of mathematics. Science, and English as it relates to cabinetmaking. The curriculum is aligned with the MA DESE CVTE 2013 frameworks. Throughout every phase of instruction, deliberate effort is made to acquaint students with working conditions that they may expect to find in the industry. Safety practices are stressed at all times.


As the students mature and gain skills and knowledge, they are provided with more challenging tasks. With the help of the instructors, students are encouraged to seek out-of-school experience in their trade through Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School’s Cooperative Education program. Listed below are a number of skills taught with a variety of career opportunities.


Skills Taught

Cabinet joinery

Casework Construction

Computer Aided Design

Computer Numerical Control

Counter top construction


Hand tool usage

Kitchen Cabinet Construction


Career Opportunities

Antique furniture repair

Architectural Mill Worker

Architectural Model Builder

Cabinet Maker

Corian/ Solid surface


Finish Carpenter


Industry Recognized Credential 

  • OSHA 10

  • Currently working to certify students with the woodworkers career alliance.


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