English Language Education

Madge Evers, ESL Teacher (413)587-1414 ext. 3402 

Rebecca Wanczyk, Director of Student Services (413)587-1414 ext. 3402

Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School English Language Education Program is a Sheltered English Immersion (SEI) program designed to support English language learners (ELL) in acquiring English language proficiency as well as make academic and vocational progress towards attainment of a diploma and competency certificate while enrolled in our school. This approach makes use of instructional materials, learning tasks, and classroom techniques from academic and vocational content areas as the vehicle for developing language, content, cognitive and study skills. Core academic teachers have DESE’s SEI endorsement or are in progress of attaining the endorsement.  Both pull out and push in services (with bi-lingual support, if necessary) are utilized and individually determined based on student proficiency level and academic needs.  
English language learners and students whose primary home language is other than English are identified upon registration so that second language instruction and translation services can be provided. The SVAHS Program of Studies, Student Handbook, Parent's Rights, and other important documents are available to parents and students in the language of the home. Translators are provided at parent meetings and special events.
By Massachusetts law and regulation, English language learners are assessed using the ACCESS for ELs assessment.  Students score between Levels 1 and 5 and services times are aligned to State recommendations.   Students who have been enrolled in a school in the United States for a year or more are also required to participate in the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS). Please contact the Student Services Office at 413-587-1414 (ext 114) if you have questions regarding the SVAHS's English Language Education Program or state testing requirements as they pertain to ELL students.


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