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Facility & Resource Requests


Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School facilities (with some exceptions) are available for rent when they are not in use for school programs. Please review the rules and regulations prior to submitting an application to use our facility.


Emergency Closings

If school is canceled or released early due to inclement weather or other emergency ~ all outside/evening activities are canceled



The facility is not reserved until you receive written approval or confirmation. 

Facilities Director - Timothy Smith

1-413-587-1414 x3460

IFB HVAC Duct System Cleaning


Submit to:      Crystal Fairman, School Business Administrator
                        Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School
                        80 Locust Street

                        Northampton, MA 01060


Contact:         Timothy Smith, Facility Director  


Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School is accepting an IFB
to solicit sealed bids from qualified vendors who specialize in commercial HVAC
duct system cleaning services, to furnish all professional services, equipment,
labor and materials necessary to provide HVAC duct system cleaning services at
80 Locust Street, Northampton, MA 01060. The vendor shall have been in the
duct cleaning business for a minimum of three (3) years.


A site tour/Q&A session will be available upon request by contacting The buildings to be cleaned are A and B buildings.


Sealed quotes marked “HVAC duct cleaning” must be submitted to the Crystal
Fairman at the Business office, Smith Vocational High School, 80 Locust Street,
Northampton, MA 01060 received on or before April 5, 2023.


All bid forms submitted must be signed and completed to be considered. Smith
Vocational and Agricultural High School reserves the right to reject any and all
proposals and waive any irregularity in the proposals.

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