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Graphic Communications

Emily Jodka

Benjamin Matthews




The Graphic Communications program at Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School is a Chapter 74 accredited program.
The program of study is designed to meet different options for students upon graduation including, but not limited to continued education, entering into the workforce or as part of a pathway to entrepreneurship. To achieve these goals students are taught the elements and principles of Design, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. Students will be trained in Pre-press and production of Digital, Wide Format, and Screen printing. Digital Photography principles, Bindery and Finishing, Customer Service and related soft skills.
After exploratory, Freshmen will start an introductory to design, basic digital production, screen printing and bindery. Safety will be a major part of the shop related and the single most important aspect of all training and practices. Sophomores will build upon knowledge of design, pre-press, photography principles, production and finishing practices. During this time there will be a focus on related math and science pertaining to inks, chemicals, paper and other substrates. Digital and print portfolios will also be started in this time and will continually grow up to graduation. Juniors will be mentoring freshmen through exploratories and beyond, engage in live work, start complex and advanced projects from start to finish, perform customer service, be a project leader and practice soft skills of employment. Co-op placement is available and follows all standard protocols set by the school standard with no additional requirements. Seniors are required to complete a 25 piece digital and print portfolio and take the Adobe Certified Professional Exam in the following options: Visual Design using Photoshop or Graphic Design & Illustration using Adobe Illustrator or Print & Digital Media Publication using Adobe InDesign. Seniors not on co-op will proceed to all advanced levels in the shop and specialize in a preferred area.
Program Philosophy

Safety and Respect is at the core of all learning in Graphic Communications. Students will learn how to work effectively, both in a team environment and individually with understanding the importance of each. Safety is taught as the leading factor of a workplace mindset, while respect for and from everyone is practiced. The soft skills of employment are taught to understand the importance that being good at a trade skill is not enough to either become and/or remain employed. It is with this understanding that all trade skills are taught and are meaningful in any circumstance of employment.

Skills Taught: 
Design elements and principles 
Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop 
Photography principles  
Basic Product, Studio and Field Photography 
Digital Production 
Wide Format Production 
Screen Printing 
Vinyl cutting for sign making and apparel 
Heat Transfer Sublimation 
Bindery and Finishing operations 
“Right to know” law and MSD Sheets 
Customer Service 
Employment soft skills (emailing, phone messages, clerical work)
Career Opportunities: 
Graphic Designer  
Bindery/Finishing Operator 
Digital Production Assistant 
Digital Production Manager 
Screen Printer and Apparel 
Digital/Offset Printing Press Assistant 
Digital/Offset Printing Press Operator 
Web Press Assistant 
Web Press Operator 
PrePress Technician 
Printing Sales and Marketing
Pathway to entrepreneurship
Pathway to post-secondary education
Industry Recognized Credentials
Adobe Certified Professional:
Visual Design using Photoshop
Graphic Design & Illustration using Adobe Illustrator
Print & Digital Media Publication using Adobe InDesign
Google Career Certification - Digital Marketing

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