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Title I

Title I (Improving America’s School Act of 1994) is the largest federal aid program for elementary and secondary schools. The program’s goal is to provide educational opportunities for students served so that they may better meet the challenging performance standards set by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School is currently a School-wide program, whereby funding can be used to supplement programming and all students can access the benefits of Title I services, not just a targeted population.  Needs for these services are evaluated annually by a program review and a needs assessment.


Title I services at SVAHS

Title I –funded services at SVAHS include funding of our After School Program, additional para-professional support in many academic classrooms, English Language Learning (ELL) instruction, instructional technology, classroom materials and supplies, and professional development.


Title I Family/Guardian Engagement 

Smith Vocational & Agricultural High School is committed to providing quality student learning and establishing partnerships with parents/guardians in order to increase the opportunities for student success.


Parents/Guardians Communication

Each summer parents/guardians are notified of their student’s placement in the Title I program via mail and email. Parent notices, reminders and flyers are sent home as needed for communication. To the extent practicable, Smith Vocational will provide information and school reports in a format and language that parents/guardians understand. Annually, Smith holds a “Back to School Night” so parents/guardians can learn more about the Title I program, Title I services and initiatives, and meet with their student’s teacher to discuss their student’s progress and achievement. Parents are also encouraged to take the initiative in contacting their student’s teacher when they are concerned or need additional information. Information regarding the Title I program is periodically distributed during the school year through email, the school website, newsletters, etc.


Parental/Guardian Involvement

Every fall Smith Vocational & Agricultural High School holds an annual Title I Parent Informational meeting to discuss the following:

●      Title I overview and general information

●      Smith Vocational’s Title I policies

●      Smith Vocational’s Title I initiatives

●      Parents/guardians right to participate and to be involved in the planning, development, operation, evaluation, and improvement of the Title I Program

●      Discuss, review and revise the Parent Involvement Policy with parents/guardians.


School-Parent/Guardian Compact

Smith Vocational & Agricultural High School will mail out to parents/guardians the school parent/guardian compact which outlines how the entire school staff, parents/guardians, and students will share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement. The compact also outlines the means by which the school and parents/guardians will build and develop a partnership that will help children achieve high standards.


Tailoring the Title I Program to Meet the Needs of Parents

Each year, Smith Vocational & Agricultural High School will assess the needs of parents/guardians and students through a variety of measures, including feedback surveys sent home to parents/guardians.



Smith Vocational will assess the effectiveness of parent involvement in the Title I program through the use of parent/guardian surveys, questionnaires, and/or documentation such as minutes from meetings and attendance. 


Michael Parks,  Director of Academics (413)587-1414 ext. 3478

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