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Home/Hospital Services

Students who are medically confined to the home or are hospitalized for at least a period of 14 days (within a school year) and under a Physician’s order, are entitled to tutoring services provided by SVAHS. Typically, tutoring is provided for one hour per day or five hours per week, but individual needs may vary and the District will consider those needs on a case by case basis.  


The following form is the only form the District will accept to allow for these services to begin: Please have a physician fill out the form and return it to Student Services as soon as possible so services can be coordinated without delay.  It is important to note that we require the physician to state that the child is confined to the home or hospital and they must put a specific end date.  If the end date needs to be extended, the District will require an additional form to be filled out.  


Also, if the home or hospital confinement is going to extend beyond 60 days the District must request consent for a full special education evaluation (this may be requested earlier if and extended confinement is anticipated). Please contact Student Services at (413) 587-1414 ext. 3402 if you would like more information about these services or to see if your child would be eligible for such services.



Rebecca Wanczyk, Director of Student Services (413)587-1414 ext. 3402

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